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The Outdoor Patient Department/Treatment (OPD) is recommended for people with a mild substance abuse problem who are serious about getting sober. The OPD Program is designed especially for those who cannot come for Inpatient Treatment Program for reasons such as cannot avail leave from their job, their studies, etc.  Our Outpatient Department offers treatment sessions that can be scheduled at various times throughout the week. This schedule allows patients to continue with their regular responsibilities and continue living at home, but they are required to check into treatment at their allotted times for counseling and medication.

​Our Outpatient Treatment Program includes:

  • Introduction to 12 Steps: Clients will be guided through a 12 Step Recovery Program customized by the Youth Mission.

  • Individual therapy sessions: Clients will meet with our Counselors once a week to discuss personal progress, any concerns or questions that may arise, personal history with substance abuse, identify potential relapse triggers, and help develop the skills necessary to maintain sobriety.

  • Lifeskills training and psychoeducation are imparted to  the clients throughout the program

  • Medical evaluation: Clients can schedule an appointment with our doctor. Free medications are also provided.

  • Relapse Prevention: We provide a Relapse Prevention Program based on the CENAPS model.

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